5195 series

single & double deep reach truck

Comfort and visibility in all load handling functions are enhanced with a clear view overhead guard. The operator does not have to lean outside the frame of the truck to see loads at extended heights.

3000 – 4500 lbs capacity, 24 or 36v

  • Single reach mast (24″ extend) 
  • Double reach mast (42″ extend) 
  • Tilting carriage: 3° forward / 4° backward
  • Programmable traction speed and acceleration
  • Control handle with simultaneous hydraulic functions
  • Integral side-shift standard

1120 series

sit-down moving-mast reach truck

Powerful AC traction and lift motors combined with the renowned Linde intelligent controller to deliver seamless, energy efficient performance for optimum productivity.

3000 – 4500 lbs capacity, 48v

  • Linde load control
  • Li-ION batteries
  • Sealed, maintenance-free drive & lift motors
  • Sliding mast design
  • Sit-down reach truck model
  • 48v means longer run times

5215 series

order picker

The Series 5215 utilizes 100% AC Motor Technology along with the latest controls allows the operator to smoothly operate the truck.

3000 lbs capacity, 24 or 36v

  • Heavy duty pallet clamp opening range 1″ to 5.4″
  • Wide opening pallet clamp automatically engaged foot control
  • Ergonomic control handle
  • Powered lowering
  • LCD multi-function display with back lighting
  • Single hydraulic pump and motor

5215 series

mid-level order picker

Efficiency combined with high performance is the most fitting phrase to describe the V10. Powerful and economic AC technology ensures optimum performance, low energy consumption and durability.

2200 lbs capacity, 24v

  • LED display with hour meter, wheel position indicator, battery status, service codes
  • Low step height
  • Regenerative braking
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
  • AC drive motor
  • Auxiliary lift, with load side control buttons

8906 series

task support vehicle

Regenerative braking minimizes the use of the service brake and relieves heat from the traction motor increasing the life of the truck. The AC drive motor provides high torque throughout the entire drive range. This drastically reduces maintenance and extends battery range.

1000 lbs capacity, 24v

  • Electronic power steering
  • Front and rear flashing light
  • Ground level travel up to 5 mph
  • Powerhead-mounted stability casters for additional truck stability and operator confidence at working heights of up to twenty feet
  • Ergonomic fingertip control for travel, lift and lower functions


man-down turret truck

The new Linde A Man down range is a versatile VNA system truck designed for high density storage and retrieval of unit loads in very narrow aisles.

2200-3000 lbs capacity, 48v

  • Ergonomic multifunctional controls
  • Low step in height for easy access to drivers compartment
  • Multi-purpose display with keypad
  • LCD display
  • Side seated operation
  • 13 KW lift motor
  • 6,5 KW drive motor


man-up turret truck

The K man-up turret truck enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high rack warehouses. The powerful drive trains make this possible, as the truck can move and lift at the same time.

2200-3300 lbs capacity, 48 or 80v

  • 4 cabin options
  • Reduced shock and vibration due to the isolation of the cab
  • 2 control panel options for perfect customization
  • LSC-load recognition: Optimation of shift, swiveling, sppl. lift
  • Unique modular design concept enables the perfect specification for each application

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