High-Capacity Container Mast Forklifts in Ports

Ontario is becoming an increasingly hostile place for heavy diesel commercial vehicles. The provincial government requires all heavy diesel commercial vehicle owners to get a series of emissions tests to comply with environmental regulations. As a future-orientated port authority, it makes sense to avoid these regulations and potential fines entirely by switching to electric material handling equipment, including high-capacity container mast forklifts in ports. Carer Forklifts has the answer for Ontario’s ports, specializing in the design and manufacture of electric shipping container forklifts.


What is a container mast forklift?

Carer Forklifts has developed a solution for highly efficient material unloading with container mast forklifts at port facilities. A container mast forklift is a machine that can drive inside a container and lift without putting the forklift’s mast through the roof of the container. These machines are prevalent in major global seaports due to their lift capacity and ability to maneuver in confined spaces, like entering a shipping container. You do not have to compromise between practicality and compliance with environmental regulations. Carer has developed compact electric forklifts with lift capacities up to 66,000 lbs. at a 48-inch load center, specs for forklifts that are competent in the port environment. The electric material handling technology can now keep up and outpace diesel-powered equipment. Small electric forklifts can handle port unloading at facilities like the Toronto, Windsor, and Hamilton-Oshawa port authorities.

Why use an electric forklift at a port terminal?

Excessive mechanical noise and air pollution are still a problem in many cities. The ports authorities in Toronto and Hamilton-Oshawa are in heavily populated residential and business zones, where municipal governments putting pressure on ports to reduce noise and pollution. Carer Forklift’s lineup is the proven answer for operators that need an electric forklift that can work multi-shift applications. Carer has created high-capacity container mast forklift specific lithium battery and charger combinations that can be customized to match the power needs of a specific application. Hands-free battery charging is also possible with induction battery charging systems (meaning the operator does not need to connect the battery to a charger).

What you need to know about the cost benefits of high-capacity electric forklifts

When comparing the financial performance of an internal combustion engine (ICE) forklift vs. an electric vehicle, the fuel cost is usually the sole factor considered. An accurate ROI would include:

The following items are included in the total current monthly operating cost analysis (for diesel forklifts):

  • Capital costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Intangible costs (emergency rentals, freight, down time, administration, etc.)
  • Energy/Diesel consumption cost (today and forecasted future costs)
  • Costs associated with unproductive labor (fuel tank refilling)
  • Tire replacement

Total forecast monthly operating costs (for electric forklifts) include:

  • Reduced utilization through elimination of standby idle time
  • Capital costs (extended depreciation term and internal cost of funds)
  • Reduced repairs and maintenance costs – forecasted reduction of ~40%
  • Reduced intangible costs
  • Energy/Electricity consumption costs – forecasted reduction of ~88%
  • Reduced tire replacement costs

While the financial benefits are undeniable, the biggest takeaway from switching to a battery forklift is the positive impact you have on the environment and the boost in operator comfort. The elimination of carbon emissions creates an immediate and local improvement to the community where you operate. There is no better business plan than being a good neighbor. Your staff will thank you as well, as there is a massive reduction in the noise and vibrations of operating diesel equipment. So, the only question that remains is what’s stopping you from switching to EVs? Reach out to the Hansler sales team today for a consultation!

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