Introducing the Combi-CB70E: The Compact Multi-Directional 15,000 lbs Counterbalance Forklift

Meet the Combi-CB70E, the latest inclusion in Combilift's expanding portfolio of electric models. This remarkable addition boasts formidable performance, impressive battery life, and unmatched ergonomic features. Notably, the Combi-CB70E stands out as the most compact 15,000 lbs capacity counterbalance forklift available, all while offering the advantage of multidirectional maneuverability. This combination empowers efficient and space-saving handling of both small and oversized loads.

The Combi-CB70E Design

Design elements integrated into the high-capacity Combi-CB70E, including its substantial super-elastic tires and a compact wheelbase, render it exceptionally well-suited for the demanding requirements of the timber industry. Despite its impressive 15,500lb lifting capacity, this model offers a remarkably small physical footprint and exceptional maneuverability, facilitating the smooth movement of bulky timber loads within constrained spaces.

Safety is Top of Mind

The Combi-CB70E prioritizes occupational safety with a range of features. Its eye-catching green color enhances visibility, while the spacious cab, tilting steering wheel, auto-swivel seats, hydraulic steering, and Grammer seats collectively create a stress-free and secure in-cab environment.

The new Combi-CB70E in a lumber yard on a partially cloudy day.

Award Winning Traction

The Combi-CB70E boasts its award-winning Independent Traction system, eliminating the necessity for a differential lock on slippery surfaces and significantly reducing the twisting of long loads when traveling sideways. Another remarkable feature is its cab equipped with gas strut suspension. When coupled with super-elastic tires, this ensures the smoothest of rides over uneven or less-than-ideal terrain. The integration of cutting-edge performance, long-lasting battery life, and outstanding ergonomic design, alongside all the advantages found in the Combi-CB series, positions this as the most potent compact electric multidirectional forklift available to date.

Automatic Swivel Seat

The recently designed Auto Swivel Seat by Combilift effortlessly activates and pivots the seat and armrest by 15° either to the right or left, aligning with the operator's chosen travel direction. This innovative feature is particularly effective in alleviating driver fatigue, especially during reverse travel.

Inside the cab of the Combi-CB70E with an operator in a safety vest demonstrating the swivel seat, looking to the left.
Inside the cab of the Combi-CB70E with an operator in a safety vest demonstrating the swivel seat, looking forward to the camera.
Inside the cab of the Combi-CB70E with an operator in a safety vest demonstrating the swivel seat, looking to the right.

Experts in Combilift

For Canadian businesses seeking to maximize their efficiency, save space, and enhance safety, the Combilift CB70E offers a solution that's second to none. At Hansler, we're committed to providing you with the best in forklift technology and support. Contact us today to explore how the CB70E can revolutionize your operations and take your business to new heights. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the future of forklifts – the Combilift CB70E.

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