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Industrial Cleaning

Are you in the market for a floor cleaning machine? At Hansler Industries, we have a full selection of industrial cleaning equipment for keeping large facilities clean. Whether you need a walk behind scrubber to perform a deep clean or a self-propelled sweeper for outdoor surfaces, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Floor Scrubbers

BD 43/25 C BP Walk-Behind

The BD 43/25 C Bp Pack is a battery-operated (76 Ah) floor scrubber with disc engineering, particularly useful for maintenance and deep cleaning of surfaces of up to 9,688 ft².

BD 50/50 C BP Scrubber Drier

The BD 50/50 C Bp Classic is an affordable, compact entry-level model in the battery-powered scrubber drier class. The machine allows area performances of up to 2000 m²/h.

B 40 W BP Scrubber Drier

Battery powered walk-behind scrubber dryer in the 40 litre class. With traction drive, disc brush, 51 cm working width and the innovative KIK system for protection against incorrect operation. Especially efficient on areas of 500 to 1400 m². Comes with 115 AH AGM batteries.

B 60 W BP Scrubber Drier

Walk-behind scrubber drier (60 l) with traction drive. Ideal for 1,000-2,500 m².

BD 70/75 W BP Scrubber Drier

The Kärcher BD 70/75 W Classic Bp is a cost-effective 28-inch walk-behind scrubber. Easy to operate controls allows for quick training and operation. The adjustable brush head provides 66-150 lbs. of down pressure.

B 80 W BP Scrubber Drier

Walk-behind scrubber drier (80 l) with traction drive. Ideal for 1,500-3,000 m².

BD 80/100 W BP Scrubber Drier

The battery-operated BD 80/100 W Bp Classic is the largest scrubber drier in the Classic range. With 80 cm working width and 100 litre tank for efficient and long cleaning.

B 110 R BP Scrubber Drier

Powerful and very user-friendly: the battery-operated ride-on scrubber drier B 110 R is equipped for cleaning tasks in supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals or production areas and warehouses.

B 150 R BP Scrubber Drier

The compact and maneuverable B 150 R Bp ride-on floor scrubber combines excellent cleaning results with simple operation and excellent handling. To achieve this, the machine has a roller brush head with an 85 cm working width and a latest-generation, aluminium squeegee, which offers impressive suction performance.

BD-43-25-walk behind

Floor Sweepers

KM 70/20 C

The KM 70/20 C offers a fast and convenient alternative to broom sweeping. The machine features a 20 litre waste container, adjustable roller brush and a side brush for edges, and is light and easy to use.

KM 70/30 C BP

The KM 70/30 C Bp has an electrically driven main sweeper roller, as well as an electrically driven side brush, e.g. for sweeping out corners. The height of the push handle can be adjusted in 3 stages, is collapsible and offers a high degree of operating comfort.

KM 75/40 W BP

The KM 75/40 W Bp self-propelled sweeper is a self-propelled model, easy to use and efficient. This professional sweeper can sweep surfaces up to 600 m².

KM 85/50 W BP

Robust, designed with a double-walled frame and swerving side brush, the battery-operated walk-behind sweeper KM 85/50 W Bp impresses in tough applications in the industrial environment. The reliable and compact machine is comfortable and intuitive to operate via a push handle, has forward and reverse traction drive and cleans up to 4725 m²/h with use of the optional side brush on the left.

KM 100/100 R BP

The KM 100/100 R BP self-propelled sweeper can be used on large indoor and outdoor surfaces from 2,500 m². It is powered by an electric motor, but runs quietly.


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