Features & Benefits:

  • Four batteries to choose from
  • Auto fill-in
  • Brush head with rollers
  • eco!efficiency mode
  • Straight or curved squeegee

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Four batteris to choose from:

  • Maintenance-free 105 Ah (C5)
  • Maintenance-free 170 Ah (C5) with fleece technology
  • Maintenance-free or low-maintenance 180 Ah (C5). Also available as a mains-operated version.
  • The charging curve of the built-in charger is perfectly adjusted to the various battery types.
  • Long battery life.

Auto fill-in:

  • Time-saving filling of the fresh water tank.
  • Filling via the fresh water hose stops automatically when the tank is full.

Brush head with rollers:

  • With 55 or 65 cm working width. With integrated sweep bin for coarse particles.
  • Protection against blockages on the squeegee. For perfect suction.
  • Water savings thanks to contra-rotating roller brushes.

EASY Operation:

  • Simple to use.
  • The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch.

eco!efficiency mode:

  • For significantly reduced energy use and substantially longer battery run time.
  • The eco!efficiency mode is extra quiet and optimal for noise-sensitive areas (e.g. hospitals or hotels).

Easy handling:

  • Simple handling thanks to clear control elements with colour coding.
  • Simplified use and shortened teach-in time

Adjustable brush contact pressure:

  • The contact pressure can be set to five different levels.
  • Easy adjustment of the contact pressure.

Traction drive:

  • Infinitely variable forward and reverse drive in battery operation.
  • Maximum speed can be preset.

Straight or curved squeegee:

  • Perfect suction on any floor.
  • Various squeegee blades available: natural rubber, oil-resistant polyurethane, slotted squeegee blades for sensitive floors or closed for rough floors.

Individually configurable device:

  • Equipment features are freely selectable.
  • Perfect adaptation of the machine to cleaning requirements.
  • Efficient solution.


Karcher B60W Floor Scrubber Brochure