Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely easy to maneuver
  • Simple operation
  • Quick replacement of brush head
  • Long operating time

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Extremely easy to maneuver:
Thanks to its very short and narrow construction style, the machine is very agile and easy to maneuver despite large water volumes. The 90° steering system allows you to turn on the spot. A low centre of gravity ensures excellent road adherence.

Simple operation:
Additionally, the roller brushes ensure that water and therefore also cleaning agent are saved. The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch. Operating hours can be viewed on the display.

Quick replacement:
If required, the brush head can be replaced quickly with no need for tools. The rollers on the R head can be changed in next to no time. The brushes or pad drive boards on the D head are discarded using the foot pedal.

Long operating time:

  • Large compartment for a large battery capacity.
  • Maintenance-free gel batteries in the pack variants.
  • Two-level turbo power saves energy in the WHISPER setting.


Karcher B90R Floor Scrubber Brochure