Ensuring your equipment is operating at optimal levels means less down time.

We understand the importance of having equipment that is up and running with the ability to keep up with day-to-day demands. That's why Hansler offers a variety of service packages ranging from emergency repairs to full maintenance programs. We have factory-trained technicians that will work to get your equipment back with minimal downtime.  


  • Technicians fully equipped with stocked service vehicles to perform repairs on the spot
  • Full service branches that cover the GTA and Eastern Ontario
  • Battery/charger repairs and replacements
  • Genuine certified parts
  • Competitive rates
Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Basic maintenance depending on your requirements
  • Rates are determined by hours of labour and materials
  • Technicians advise of any safety-related issues as per the Ministry of Labour guidelines
  • Includes PM on a regular basis
  • Tailored to individual requirements and based on usage of your truck
  • Labour rates and material costs are a predetermined set cost
  • Annual safety inspection is performed free of charge
  • Includes PM on a regular basis
  • Labour rates and material costs are paid on a flat-fee monthly basis
  • Covers any “surprise” repair costs that arise
  • Ensures your equipment is reliable and experiences minimal downtime
  • Includes annual safety inspections for a set fee
  • Repairs required to complete the inspection are advised
  • Upon completion of first safety inspection, inspections for every following year will be scheduled for your convenience

Fill out the service request form to learn more about our services, or call 1-877-442-6753.