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Forklift Training & More in the GTA, Ottawa, Belleville & Brockville

Forklift certification and training is a legal requirement that employers must abide by if they operate a forklift in their business. Training is also an excellent opportunity to get operators knowledgeable on the best safety and operational efficiency practices, saving you money in the long term. Hansler Industries has partnered with Leavitt Training, and through that partnership we can offer comprehensive training solutions with a COR-Certified company. Leavitt Training provides an integrated training and certification program for all forklift classes, aerial lift platforms, skid steers, overhead crane and rigging, and other equipment types. The in-class training, blended, and online programs are expansive and cover all areas of equipment operation, leaving forklift operators certified and proficient!

Forklift Training Delivered Your Way!

Are you looking for a traditional, in-person, in-class forklift certification and training program in the Toronto area, Brockville, Belleville, or Ottawa? We offer in-class training at our facility or yours. Applications we train operators in include forklifts, skid steers, aerial lift platforms, fall arrest training, overhead crane and rigging, and more. Our programs are intuitive and designed to maximize student participation and learning. Course demonstrators are experienced and deliver instruction in an unbiased and easy-to-understand format, giving top-notch training to students.

Blended training is the perfect option for an operator with a busy schedule. These courses combine in-class training components with online training, which students can complete at their convenience. Students get the full range of instruction while having the flexibility to complete the courses according to their timeline. We can work with you to find a blended training program that fits your application, budget, and schedule!

Online Training

Through our partnership with Leavitt Training, we offer hundreds of online training courses. From lift truck training to fall protection training, we have the right online course for your team. Online instruction is complete and convenient, giving students an understanding of safety principles and their application in the workplace.

Did You Know?

Forklift operators require a provincial driver’s license if the forklift will be operated on public roads, we offer the training and certification needed to be compliant with Ontario’s safety regulations. Commonly referred to as the “forklift license”, forklift certification is different from a driver’s license and is valid for three years after issuance. After three years, the operator must take a refresher course to renew the validation on the certificate.



We offer onsite training from a Brampton location. Located at 30 Devon Rd, Brampton. Reach out to us by email or call at 1-866-291-3322 for more information!


We offer onsite training for the Ottawa area. Located at 2900 Old Sheffield Rd, Ottawa. Reach out to us by email or call at 1-866-291-3322 for more information!


We offer in-class, and blended training from our Brockville location. Located at 580 King St W, Brockville. Reach out to us by email or call at 1-866-291-3322 for more information!


We offer in-class, and blended training from our Belleville location. Located at 340 Jamieson Bone Rd, Belleville. Reach out to us by email or call at 1-866-291-3322 for more information!

To request an appointment or to learn more, reach out to our team today! 

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