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Blended Counterbalanced Forklift Training 

At Hansler, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of forklifts, not just the machines themselves but forklift training as well. Our forklift course is designed to teach you how to be safe when using a forklift but also effective. If you aim to excel in forklift operation, our training program is your ideal whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional. Here's what our forklift training offers:

Step 1: Online Forklift Training

Our online forklift course is the first step in your forklift training journey. You can access this part of the forklift training from anywhere, using any device. This phase of the forklift training covers:

  • Forklift Safety Essentials: Key safety checks for operating a forklift are fundamental to our forklift course.
  • Hazard Identification: Vital in our forklift training is learning to recognize and address potential risks in forklift operations.
  • Forklift Operations Basics: Understanding the capabilities and balance of your forklift is crucial in our forklift course.
  • Forklift Mechanics: Dive into the workings of forklift engines and controls in this segment of the forklift training.
  • Maneuvering Skills: Essential steering and handling techniques in our forklift training.
  • Forklift Maintenance: Understand refuelling, recharging, and preventive care in this part of the forklift course.

Step 2: Hands-On Forklift Training

After completing the online forklift course, you'll progress to hands-on forklift training. Here, under expert guidance, you'll apply your forklift training in real-life scenarios. This practical application is crucial to our forklift training program, ensuring you're fully prepared and confident.

Step 3: Forklift Training Certification

Concluding your forklift training with Hansler, you'll undergo an evaluation based on what you've learned in the forklift course. Successful completion of this forklift training evaluation earns you certification in forklift operations, signifying your proficiency and readiness.

Our forklift training at Hansler is designed to be inclusive, straightforward, and effective. Enroll in our forklift course today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled forklift operator. Let Hansler's forklift training be your guide to a safer, more skilled future in forklift operation!


Online Forklift Training

At Hansler, we understand the importance of safety and proper training in preventing forklift-related injuries and fatalities. That's why we've developed an extensive online forklift certification course suitable for operators of all skill levels. Our forklift training course is meticulously designed to minimize the risk of accidents by teaching operators safe and efficient practices. By completing this online forklift training, participants will acquire essential knowledge for safe operation. This forklift certification course adheres to the CSA Standard B335-15, ensuring compliance and quality.

Please contact our operator training team for more details on our online forklift training course. Hansler offers a wide range of online, in-class, and blended training solutions, catering to various applications, companies, and individual needs.

What You'll Learn in Our Online Forklift Training Course

Our forklift training covers essential topics, including:

  • Risk Reduction: Strategies to minimize people, products, and property dangers.
  • Lift Truck Basics: Understanding the components and functions of forklifts.
  • Balance and Stability: Mastering the principles of forklift balance, capacity, and stability.
  • Pre-Operational Checks: The importance of and procedures for pre-operational inspections.
  • Safe Operation: Best practices for safely entering, exiting, and operating forklifts.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Navigating lift trucks in areas with foot traffic.
  • Parking Protocols: Methods for securely parking a forklift.
  • Load Handling: Techniques for safe loading, moving, and unloading.
  • Emergency Procedures: Responding to incidents safely and effectively.
  • Fueling and Battery Maintenance: Safe refuelling, battery charging, and maintenance practices.

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For any questions related to our online forklift training, please contact our team.

Course Accessibility and Languages

Our online forklift certification course is universally compatible, functioning seamlessly across a variety of internet-capable devices like Windows, Android, and Apple phones, computers, and tablets. We also offer courses in multiple languages to accommodate a diverse range of learners in Canada (English, Spanish, French).

Testing and Certification

This online forklift course includes periodic tests to reinforce learning, requiring an 80% pass mark. Participants have up to three attempts to achieve this score. Upon successful completion, they receive an online certificate. Note that some areas may require additional practical evaluation for full certification.

On-Site Forklift Training

Hansler offers specialized on-site forklift training tailored to your needs, including counterbalanced, narrow-aisle, rough terrain, and combilift forklifts. Ideal for teams in remote locations or those seeking to reduce downtime, our training is conducted at your site, allowing for immediate practice in your work environment. Our expert trainers provide customized plans for your specific equipment, ensuring certification, enhanced safety, and operational efficiency. Flexible and cost-effective, our group training options are designed to fit seamlessly into your work schedule, delivering top-tier education right where you need it.

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