What To Include In Your Daily Forklift Inspection

According to the CCOHS, forklifts should be inspected at the beginning of every shift and before each use. The daily check should include a visual check while the forklift is off and parked, followed by an operational pre-use check. Below is a list of items that should be inspected prior to the start of your shift. As always, if you’re unsure of something you should speak to your supervisor and make them aware of any potential dangers.


Visual Inspection – checking for general cleanliness and condition of the truck

  • Tires: Check for wear and tear and tire pressure in pneumatic tires.
  • Hoses, Belts & Chains: Inspect these for wear, damage, and ensure nothing is missing or loose.
  • Fluid Levels: Check hydraulic fluid levels and ensure there are no leaks.
  • Forks, Backrest, Mast, & Overhead Guard: Check each for damage, irregularities, and that all are secure in their place if applicable.
  • Data Plate & Labels: Ensure both the data plate and any labels are legible. Ensure you are familiar with important information pertaining to the lift truck you are using.

Operational Pre-Use Inspection

After completing a visual inspection, it’s time to check that everything is operating properly in the forklift.

  • Seat Belt: Check the seat belt is in good and working condition. Fasten the seatbelt and make sure that the buckles and and anchors are in working order.
  • Gauges & Lights: Turn on your forklift and ensure the gauges and lights are operational – this includes headlights, safety and warning lights.
  • Controls: Use the lift & tilt mechanisms to lift/lower the forks and to tilt the mast and check they’re operating smoothly.
  • Horn: Honk to test your horn is working and loud enough to be heard in a noisy working environment.
  • Brakes: Test the brake by moving forward slowly and ensuring the unit stops smoothly. Check that the parking brake works against some acceleration.
  • Steering: Check that the steering moves smoothly.
  • Clutch & Gearshift: Check to see if these shift smoothly without jerking.

To view their extensive list and for further information on what to include in your daily forklift inspection, visit https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/safety_haz/forklift/checks.html

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